Vibez Recordings presents Expansions

Bow Bridge , 28 Hancock Rd, , London

Drum & Bass Vibez Recordings founded in 1995 by Subject 13 during the golden era of jungle Drum n bass, makes its triumphant return in 2024 after a hiatus. Known for its groundbreaking releases and rare back catalog, Vibez boasts a roster of talented artists like Q-PROJECT, SEBA, BIG BUD, ALASKA & PARADOX, INTENSE, BLU MAR TEN, SURVIVAL, ASC, FUTURE ENGINEERS, DECODER, PHYSICS, SMOTE, PAUL T, STUNNA, FX909, CYBASS, METHOD ONE, and many more.

Experience live artistry and musical enchantment with emerging artist Anna Kolosova, whose journey from Moscow's Academic Art Lycee to her studio in Hornsey promises a captivating fusion of Russian neo-realism and Abstract Expressionism. The rebirth of this iconic label presents an amazing lineup of diverse sounds, showcasing cutting-edge old and new artists in an exclusive back-to-back session. Expect edginess and the unexpected as Vibez Recordings has always marched to its own beat unapologetically.

Get ready for pure Vibez, expanded fully. You've been warned.

Line Up Digital Outrage, Tim Reaper, Subject 13, Source Direct, Nookie, Joe Le Groove, Chris Inperspective, Splinter, Qumuls, Leniz, Verb, Phloem, Buzzby, Kusanagi,

MC's Conscious Route, MP51V3.

£8.10 First ticket wave, £11.50 Early Bird, £17.50 Full Price last wave.